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It was just one year ago that I had my first massage ever at a spa.  During this time, I was dealing with a lot of stress in all areas of life and decided to treat myself for my birthday. My muscles were tense around my shoulder and neck. I decided to do a full hour of deep tissue massage.  It was a good way to relieve stress.

There was one particular benefit that I noticed right away.  It relaxed the muscles that were firm, rigid, and painful.  Once again, this year I treated myself on my birthday. Some people get a massage every three months and some more often than that.

Benefits of Massage

Some of the other significant benefits include improvement in circulation, blood pressure control, and stress management. It is also relaxing because the pressure on the muscles feels excellent.

The human touch always comes with a benefit, and nothing can entirely replace that.  However, if you’re like me,  you often can’t get a massage due to time constraints or scheduling. Many people now try to find things to do at home that will be calming after a stressful day and help them unwind.

There are even massage chairs in the middle of many malls where people put money in and then sit and massage. Some companies now also offer chairs or other equipment for employees. Well, here are a few options to try at home until you can set aside time to pamper yourself.

7 Ways to Relieve Stress

1.  This soft pillow massager targets the back, shoulder, and neck.  The areas where many feel the tension.  If you want some quick relief, then try this soft pillow massage designed primarily for these areas.

2.  Massage Seat Cushion

The massage seat cushion is designed to sit in a chair and will relieve the tension on the entire back.  If your stress is in these areas, then this may be what’s best for you.  The other major plus about this cushion is that it is also heated.

3.  Electronic Pulse Massager Tens Unit – The tens unit is useful if you have pain or weak muscles.  A couple of years ago, I injured my knee at work and later fell on it, and I was in constant pain daily for almost a year.  I used a unit similar to this in the muscle areas around the knee. It can be used for areas of pain and muscle tension.   


4.  Massage Chairs –  Another way to relax is with a massage chair.  These chairs are like the ones you may see in a mall but, many people are starting to purchase them for their homes.

7. Dr. Teal’s Lavender Foaming Bath –  is a product I use to relax.- One of my all-time favorite de-stressors is a warm bath.  Bathing is good therapy for achy bones, muscles, feet, and just relaxation. There is nothing quite like a hot relaxing bubble bath.  I can rest easy and have a good night’s sleep afterward.   The Epson Salts in Lavender scent is an item I regularly use.  It has a soothing fragrance.  There are many other scents to choose from if Lavander is not your thing.

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